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Sanders: Boehner Was ‘Unable to Control’ GOP

Sen. Bernie Sanders discussed House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation on Friday. Sanders suggested that Boehner was “unable to control” the GOP.

“It appears that even a very conservative speaker like John Boehner is unable to control the extreme right-wing drift of Republicans in the House,” Sanders, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, said in a statement.

Sanders was quick to clarify that the Republicans are “way out of touch with the American people” and that “without Boehner, it may get even worse.”

The extreme-right was already planning to oust Boehner and will work together to elect someone that represents their beliefs.

The Hill reports:

Senators on both sides of the aisle are praising Boehner in the wake of his decision to step down.

Sanders said during an interview with “The Thom Hartmann Program” that he is not “somebody intimately involved with Republican politics, but my guess is that he probably ran out of energy in terms of taking on the very extreme right wingers.”

Photo credit: Brookings Institution/Flickr.

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