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Trump Aims to Paint Himself as the Choice of Evangelicals

Donald Trump wants to become the face of the Christian right. On Friday, he waved his childhood Bible to a crowd, professing his faith, and somehow using it as proof that he was a devout Christian.

“I had to bring it,” Trump said. “It brings back so many memories.”

“Freedom of religion is so important,” Trump said.

The Hill reports:

Trump has faced questions about how often he attends church. He has been criticized for saying he has never asked God for forgiveness and has been mocked by some of his rivals for deflecting a question meant to test his knowledge of the Bible, saying he wouldn’t reveal his favorite verse because it’s too personal.
Still, Trump leads the GOP field among evangelical conservatives, though he received a mixed reception at the summit on Friday.

The entire room stood upon Trump’s entrance, but only about half were cheering; the other half were snapping photos of the reality TV star.

Later, some in the crowd booed Trump for criticizing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who had received a warm reception earlier in the day.

“This clown Marco Rubio,” Trump said, provoking scattered shouts of dissent from the crowd.

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