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Bill Maher Slams Republican ‘Instant Heroes’ Gone Wrong Cliven Bundy, Kim Davis and Josh Duggar

The latest targets of Bill Maher’s criticism were the overnight heroes the Republicans created in outlaw Cliven Bundy, religious bigot Kim Davis, and rapist Josh Duggar.

Friday night’s episode of Real Time features Maher attacking these three and the way in which Republicans glorify them.

“Republicans have to stop being surprised when their instant heroes turn out to be embarrassments,” Maher said. “They’re so anxious to buddy-up to the forgotten good people that when a Kim Davis or a ‘Joe the Plumber’ or a  Cliven Bundy come along, they rush to say ‘Now here’s a real American’ when they should be saying ‘What’s up with this a–hole?’”

He turned to Davis who became famous after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

“Kim Davis turned out to be everything conservatives hate,” said Maher. “She gave birth to two children out of wedlock and she’s been married four times. According to her, the answer to ‘What would Jesus do?’ is ‘everybody.’”

Photo credit: Fox News.

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