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In Wake of Muslim Remarks, Ben Carson Calls on Media to ‘Mature’

Ben Carson has had enough of the mainstream media and their tendency to twist his words.

He wanted to clarify his recent comments about how a Muslim could never be president.

“Anybody from any faith, from any belief system, who comes to America, becomes an American citizen, embraces our American values and principles and is willing to subjugate their beliefs for our Constitution is somebody I have no problem with,” he said at the Values Voter Summit.

“What I said is I wouldn’t advocate for them. In no way did I say it was illegal, that they couldn’t do it,” Carson explained. “Anybody can do anything they want.”

“Not advocating they run for president in no way precludes them from running,” Carson added.

Carson noted that political correctness is ruining the United States and he slammed the media for picking quotes out of context to push their narrative.

“I’m not going to be asking, ‘What should I say in order to keep the media off my back?'” Carson told reporters. “But I’m hoping that, at some point, the media matures and recognizes that they are an important part of freedom in America.”

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Photo credit: Greg Nash.

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