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Carson: I’d Consider Religion as Probable Cause for Searches

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson suggested on Sunday that religion should be able to serve as probable causes for searches.

“I personally don’t feel that way, but I would certainly be willing to listen to somebody who had evidence to the contrary,” Carson said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I think that’s one of the problems, we get to our little corners, and we don’t want to listen to anybody.”

Carson has been mired in controversy after he made comments about Muslims being unfit to lead the United States.

“What we should be talking about is Islam and the tenets of Islam and where do they come from? They come from Sharia. They come from the Koran,” he told host Martha Raddatz. “They come from, you know, the life works and examples of Muhammad. They come from the fatwas, which is the writings of scholars. You know, and if you go back and you look at — what I would like for somebody to show me is an improved Islamic text that opposes Sharia.”

“If you can show me that, I will begin to alter my thinking on this,” he said. “But, right now, when you have something that is against the rights of women, against the rights of gays, subjugates other religions and a host of things that are not compatible with our Constitution, why in fact would you take that chance?”

Politico reports:

Carson also beat back criticism of earlier comments in which he suggested that the “women’s lib movement” helped contribute to a more entitled “me generation” of Americans.

The fact of the matter is, you know, the family structure is one of the foundations of a strong country. And when we begin to … move it apart from the family and say, ‘no, it’s about this specific member of the family and it’s about their rights and how they feel,’ that’s problematic,” he said. “It has nothing to do with the women’s movement, although I know a lot of people on the left have tried to make it sound that [way].”

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