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Sanders Jabs Koch Brothers Over Walker Exit

Bernie Sanders is no friend of the Koch brothers. In fact, he is vocal opponent of their exploits and the way in which they manipulate the political system with large infusions of cash.

Former Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker may have bowed out of the race, but that didn’t stop Sanders from criticizing him for the large donations he accepted on behalf of the Koch brothers.

“I wish the Koch brothers would say, ‘Well, gee, now we can take the $900 million that we planned to spend in this campaign supporting right-wing Republicans… and we’re not going to spend it,’” Sanders said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “But, John, I’m not sure that the Koch brothers learned that lesson.”

Sanders also addressed Jeb Bush’s claim that the Democrats offer free stuff for votes.

“Well, let’s be clear that what Jeb Bush is proposing are massive tax breaks for the richest people in this country, while he will fight to cut social security and Medicare and programs that tens of millions of elderly people and middle-class people and working-class people depend upon,” Sanders said.

“I happen to believe, John, that in a democratic, civilized society, all people should be entitled to healthcare as a right – yeah, I do believe that.”

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