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Clinton Bemoans ‘Drip, Drip, Drip’ of Email News

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is tired of hearing about the email scandal she is caught in.

“It is like a drip, drip, drip. That’s why I’ve said there’s only so much I can control,” Clinton said in an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“What I have tried to do in explaining this is provide more transparency and more information than anyone who I am aware of who has ever served in the government, and I’m happy to do that because I want these questions to be answered.”

Clinton made it clear that she has done everything in her power to cooperate with the government.

“I have done all that I can to take responsibility, to be as transparent as possible in turning over 55,000 pages [of emails], in turning over my server, and to testify on Oct. 22, which I’ve been asking to do before Congress,” Clinton said.

The Hill reports:

Clinton has been dogged by the email controversy for months now, and it’s taken a toll on her polling numbers.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) has surpassed Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first to states to cast ballots in the Democratic presidential nominating process.

Furthermore, a strong majority of voters say that they don’t believe Clinton to be honest or trustworthy.

On Sunday, Clinton reiterated that she regrets her decision to use a private email account and server, saying it was a matter of convenience. Clinton said the decision came during a “transition period” and that she was never “that focused on my email account.”

Clinton explained that the email system she used was part of her husband, former President Bill Clinton’s personal office, so it was up and running in their home and she simply adopted it when she became secretary of State.

“It was sitting there in the basement,” Clinton said. “It was not any trouble at all. I know a lot of people are questioning that, but the fact is that it was there and I added my account to it. “

Clinton dismissed the notion that she set up the private account and server to make it more difficult for her government officials or her political enemies to gather information on her record as she seeks the White House.

“That’s totally ridiculous, that never crossed my mind,” Clinton said.

Photo credit: CBS News.

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