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Ben Carson Sees Fundraising Bump After Muslim Comments

Racism is alive and well in the United States. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has received an influx of $500,000 in donations after his controversial comments about Muslims.

According to Doug Watts, Carson’s communications director, the candidate has raised $20 million this quarter and $30 million since he started running for president.

Carson was criticized for his comments, but stood by them and suggested that his rise in popularity demonstrated that the American people supported them.

“There’s no question that the people of America recognize that America is a unique place, and I don’t think that anybody wants to give that away. We want to be fair to everybody, but we certainly don’t want to change it into something else,” he said.

NBC News reports:

And the campaign itself is still relatively small, though Watts said Monday they have four regional field directors and will be expanding in the coming months. He said “we have a path” to the nomination and pointed in particular at “the broader Christian base, not just Evangelicals” and women over 40 years old as Carson’s base of support.

“We’re getting a very broad and deep campaign — that’s our focus,” Watts said.

But with the latest NBC/WSJ poll, out this weekend, showing Carson nearly tied with frontrunner Donald Trump, taking 20 percent support to Trump’s 21 percent support, Watts acknowledged the campaign needs to remain realistic and keep an eye on the first nominating contest, in Iowa in February.

“We’re feeling very good, very strong — maybe a little too strong,” he said. “We have to keep this pace up for another five months till the first votes are cast.”

Photo credit: Greg Nash.

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