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John Oliver Busts Fox News Using 5-Year-Old Clip of Chanting Muslims to Create Fear of ‘Terrorist’ Refugees

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver dismantled Fox News for their overt racism on Monday night.

With the current refugee situation, conservative media outlets are drumming up hateful rhetoric, featuring headlines like “Terrorists Inbound?” and showing old clips of Muslims chanting to scare the average American into thinking that they are in danger.

John Oliver didn’t hold back when it came to Fox News:

“OK, first, you don’t get to claim that you’re not calling those people terrorists when your lower third says, ‘Terrorists Inbound?’ question mark. If you’re really not saying they’re terrorists, maybe change that to something more accurate, like ‘People Take Train,’ or ‘Some Wear Hats, Others Less So.’” he lectured. “And second, describing that as a new video that sheds light on the migrant crisis is a little misleading, because in researching this story, we found a version of that same video uploaded onto YouTube back in 2010, well before this migrant crisis even began. And, if you are going to use misleading, old footage to make people frightened of Muslims, why stop there? Just go the whole way and use a clip from True Lies.”

See the video below:

Photo credit: YouTube.


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