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Trump: Let Russia Fight ISIS

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has offered an insightful solution to beating ISIS, let Russia do all the dirty work.

Trump has often been criticized for his simplistic approach towards foreign policy, something that he demonstrated with his recent comments.

“Why are we knocking ISIS, and yet at the same time we’re against [Syrian President Bashar] Assad? Let them fight, take over the remnants,” Trump said on CNN’s “Out Front,” calling Syria a “total catastrophe.”

“Let ISIS and Syria fight. And let Russia, they’re in Syria already, let them fight ISIS,” Trump said. “Let Russia take care of ISIS.”

The Hill reports:

President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin met privately for 90 minutes Monday to discuss Syria after giving dueling addresses at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

“Yesterday’s meeting was genuinely constructive,” Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The pair discussed issues such as having a unified Syria, that ISIS must be taken on and that there needs to be an organized transition in Syria, Kerry said.

ISIS is considered a threat to Assad, whom the U.S. wants out of power but Putin believes is key to defeating ISIS.

Photo credit: Business Insider.

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