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Yale Prof Opens Can of Whoop-Ass on Fiorina: She Has an ‘Almost Psychopathic Denial of Reality’

Yale professor Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld offered his opinion on Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on Monday.

He questioned her medical fitness to run the country based on her commitment to telling lies even when confronted with overwhelming proof against her claims.

Sonnenfeld is pointing to the fictional Planned Parenthood evidence that Fiorina adamantly defends the existence of.

“I feel like the proverbial mosquito in the nudist colony, I hardly know where to strike first,” Sonnenfeld said about claims by Fiorina that she was a good CEO of Hewlett Packard. “There’s so much wrong with this, but the thing that comes through clearest is this — if we weren’t on TV I’d say almost psychopathic denial of reality. As you saw even the creators of that hoax Planned Parenthood critique, even they say this is not the footage that she says it is.”

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Photo credit: MSNBC.

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