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Kimmel Fools Hillary Supporters Into Backing Trump’s Tax Plan

Jimmy Kimmel conducted an interesting experiment on Tuesday’s segment of the show. He wanted to see how well voters knew the candidates they supported.

Armed with Donald Trump’s tax plan, he approached Clinton supporters and pretended that it was Clinton’s creation. Overwhelmingly, her supporters suggested that they liked it, despite the facts that it was Trump’s plan.

“Every politician comes out with his or her own plans and proposals, but I wonder if voters pay attention to the specifics of those plans,” Kimmel mused on last night’s show. “It seems to me most people pick a candidate and go along with whatever that candidate says.”

“Armed with the new Trump tax plan we went out into the street and found people who claim to support Hillary Clinton for president and asked those people about her tax plan,” Kimmel continued. “But what they didn’t know is the tax plan we presented them with is not Hillary Clinton’s — it’s Donald Trump’s.”

See the video below:

Photo credit: Nerd Reactor.

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