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Report: Trump Prays With Religious Leaders

Reports are suggesting that Donald Trump met and prayed with 40 spiritual leaders on Monday.

Trump has often claimed that he was religious, but refused to show it and defended his claim by bringing his childhood Bible to political speeches.

The meeting lasted for 2.5 hours before concluding with a group prayer for the billionaire.

“He has a very high regard and deep respect for men and women of the cloth,” Pastor Darrell Scott told CBN News on Tuesday following his visit to Trump Tower.

“I think Donald Trump changed the opinions of the African-American pastors that were in the room,” said Scott, who is undecided about his 2016 presidential endorsement.

“They saw a side of him outside of the media depiction, and that they would give strong consideration in regards to supporting his presidency,” he added.

The Hill reports:

CBN News said on Tuesday that Trump vowed he is expanding his outreach among African-American voters following the huddle.

He also promised he would moderate his harsh campaign rhetoric, the news outlet said.

Trump discussed Israel, fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), his fiscal policies and religious liberty with assembled listeners, it added.

The outspoken billionaire has repeatedly dodged skepticism about his religious beliefs on the campaign trail this summer.

Trump, a Presbyterian, has shown audiences his childhood Bible and bemoaned political correctness during the holiday season.

Critics have charged that Trump displays little knowledge of Biblical theology or principles during his public appearances.

Trump has countered that his faith is a private matter and that he is a staunch conservative now despite his previous policy stances to the contrary.

Photo credit: CNN.

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