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‘He’s Telling the Truth’: Robert Reich Sums up Why Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Is Surging

Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, believes Sen. Bernie Sanders is gaining in the polls because he is one of the rare candidates who actually tells the truth.

“I think he’s telling the truth,” Reich said. “And I think people are responding with extraordinary enthusiasm — even many conservatives and Republicans I meet — to a truth teller.”

He also credited Sanders for having the courage to call for the Glass-Stegall Act to be reinstated.

“The five biggest banks, they used to have 10 percent of total banking assets back in 1990, now have 44 percent of total banking assets in this country,” Reich said. “I mean, they are far too big to fail. I mean, they are so large that, just because of their political clout and their scale, they are gaining more and more market share of the entire banking industry. That’s dangerous.”

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