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Jeb Bush Is Criticized for Saying ‘Stuff Happens’ in Reaction to Shootings9

Jeb Bush recently discussed the Oregon shooting on Friday, downplaying the severity of it in a manner that suggested that it was business as usual.

“I had this challenge as governor because we had — look, stuff happens,” he said at a forum in South Carolina. “There’s always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something, and it’s not necessarily the right thing to do.”

Bush was pressed to clarify his comment, to which he responded,  “it wasn’t a mistake.”

“Things happen all the time,” Mr. Bush said. “Things. Is that better?”

“Tragedies,” he said. “A child drowned in a pool and the impulse is to pass a law that puts fencing around pools. Well it may not change it. Or you have a car accident and the impulse is to pass a law that deals with that unique event. And the cumulative effect of this is, in some cases, you don’t solve the problem by passing the law, and you’re imposing on large numbers of people burdens that make it harder for our economy to grow, make it harder to protect liberty.”

The New York Times reports:

Mr. Bush said he was not referring specifically to Oregon when he said “stuff happens.”

At the forum at Furman University in Greenville, S.C., Mr. Bush boasted of his pro-gun record as Florida governor, recalling awards he received from the National Rifle Association and noting that he once received a gun from the group’s former president, Charlton Heston.

At a news conference in Washington, President Obama was asked to respond to Mr. Bush’s comments after being read a small portion of them.

“I don’t even think I have to react to that one,” Mr. Obama said, adding, “The American people should hear that.”

A spokeswoman for Mr. Bush, Allie Brandenburger, said in an email that Mr. Bush’s critics were “taking shameless advantage of a horrific tragedy.”

“It is sad and beyond craven that liberal Democrats, aided and abetted by some in the national media, would dishonestly take Governor Bush’s comments out of context in a cheap attempt to advance their political agenda in the wake of a tragedy,” she said.

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