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Bernie Sanders’ ‘True Believers’ Pack Boston Campaign Event

Sen. Bernie Sanders is on a roll. His campaign is in full-swing and the aged senator is pushing hard to land the Democrats nomination in 2016.

On Saturday, Sanders made two appearances in Massachusetts, in both Springfield and Boston. In Boston, he spoke to a crowd of 20,000 people, while an additional few thousand watched the speech on a screen in the cold weather outside.

“You guys are the true believers,” Sanders said.

“Thank you for freezing out here,” he continued standing on a platform with a microphone and waving to the crowd over their cheers. “Were you able to see the speech?

“What we have got to do -– and your presence out here tonight is half way here -– what we have got to do is to make a political revolution where we involve people in the political process in a way they have not been involved before,” he told them.

ABC News reports:

It was Sanders’ first day back on the campaign trail since announcing impressive fundraising numbers for the quarter this week, on pace with Hillary Clinton. And while Sanders has called for a grassroots movement and a “political revolution” since the first day of his campaign, he emphasized these ideas even more today.

“Our campaign is a different type of campaign. It is a grassroots campaign, designed not only to elect someone to be president of the United States, but to build a political movement,” he said in Springfield.

Later in Boston, he continued on the same theme.

“I am enormously proud,” he said. “As some of you may have noticed, we have raised tremendous sums of money, because 650,000 Americans made contributions average $30 apiece.

“In other words words we are running a people’s campaign,” he said. “And the millionaires and billionaires may have more money than we do, but we have something they don’t have. Look around this room — this is what we have.”

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