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Joe Biden Shrugs at Presidential Ambitions, Hits Republicans Over LGBT Stance

Joe Biden hasn’t announced a presidential run yet, but he announced that he was a firm believer in LGBT rights and a staunch supporter of the movement.

During a speech at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner on Saturday, he bashed the Republicans for lagging on social rights.

“The American people are already with you,” he said of the national movement toward LGBT equality. “There are homophobes left — most of them are running for president, I think.”

The crowd urged Biden to run for president in 2016, but he deflected the support and laughed.

NBC News reports:

Biden dedicated the majority of his speech to praise the LGBT community’s work, and offer advice for their future endeavors. The vice president urged the activists to spread the message of workplace discrimination — something he said most Americans don’t realize still exists.

“Look I’m not your staff, but I’m kind of like your staff,” he said in giving the advice.

Biden famously said on “Meet the Press” during the 2012 presidential campaign that he was “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriage — speaking out on the issue before President Barack Obama said he supported same-sex marriage.

“I’ve been proud of speaking up, apparently out of turn on ‘Meet the Press,'” Biden said Saturday.

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