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Clinton: Obama Supporters Are ‘Very Enthusiastic’ About Me

Democratic presidential candidate is confident that President Obama’s supporters will follow her into 2016.

“They’re coming to me. The amount of support I have from people who supported then Sen. Obama in my race against him in ‘08 and then others who have been supporting him ever since. It’s really very gratifying to me,” Clinton told Al Sharpton on “PoliticsNation.”

Critics often criticize Clinton, suggesting that the majority of Democratic voters are apathetic to her campaign.

“I think the number of people both in my campaign and on the ground around the country who are supporting me who were first and foremost supporters of President Obama speaks very well to their understanding of how hard this job is and how they need to elect somebody, a Democrat, who can build on the successes of the Obama presidency and that’s what I’m pledged to do,” she said.

the Hill reports:

Republicans have attacked her campaign as a third term of the Obama presidency, a perception that could become a liability if it catches on with voters.

Obama’s job approval rating stands at 48 percent according in the most recent Gallup poll. Former President Bill Clinton’s approval was 59 percent at the end of September 1999, when Gore was agonizing over how to handle Clinton’s legacy, which some Democratic strategists at the time viewed as tarnished because of a White House intern sex scandal.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), who is also running for president, told Fox News in August that Clinton would be a “third term of Barack Obama’s.”

Clinton argued Sunday that would not be the case.

“I’m not running for President’s Obama third term or for Bill Clinton’s third term, I’m running for my first term but I know what works and I know how important it is to stand up for our values, to stand up for our interests and our security in a way that makes sense, which is support,” she said.

Yet she was careful not to distance herself too much by emphasizing that Obama’s constituency is “very enthusiastic” about her succeeding him in the Oval Office.

“People who supported President Obama are very enthusiastic and I’m grateful for that in support of my candidacy,” she said.

Photo credit: New York Times.

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