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New Analysis Ranks Presidential Candidates By Their Supporters’ Grammar

A new analysis by Grammarly has concluded that Democrat voters are generally better at grammar than Republican voters.

The study analyzed comments made by both blocks of voters and determined that Democrats used more unique words and made less mistakes per 100 words than Republicans.

The exercise analyzed 180 comments for each candidate, all of which had to be a minimum of 15 words.




Think Progress reports:

The analysis — intended by Grammarly to be “a lighthearted look at how well the 2016 presidential candidates’ supporters write when they’re debating online” — found that, for every 100 words written, an average Democratic candidate supporter made 4.2 mistakes, while an average Republican candidate backer made 8.7 errors. It also asserted that Democratic supporters have larger vocabularies, using 300 unique words for every 1,000 words they use, compared to Republicans who only use only 245 unique words for every 1,000.

Of course, there was more room for error on the Republican side, which has nearly three times as many candidates. In addition, many Republican candidates have a lot more Facebook supporters, meaning the pool from which Grammarly’s researchers picked its 180 comments was much larger. For example, Lincoln Chafee only has 9,526 Facebook followers, while Donald Trump has 3.8 million. Overall, the average number of Facebook followers for Republicans was 1.1 million, while the average for Democrats was about 591,000.

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Photo credit: Grammarly, Smithsonian Mag.

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