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WATCH: College Brat Who Called Cop N-Word Gets Taken Down by Cafeteria Staff During Mac and Cheese Tantrum

A drunk student from UConn was arrested after he threw a tantrum when he was refused service.

Luke V. Gatti, 19, stumbled into the student union cafeteria, with a bottle of booze in his hand and proceeded to demand that he be served bacon jalapeno mac and cheese, a dish that the cafeteria had ran out of.

The cafeteria manager explained that he couldn’t carry open alcohol inside the premise and that they were out of the dish. Gatti turned violent and began pushing the manager.

“This is getting posted somewhere, and you’re gonna look like a f*ckin’ tool,” Gatti insists.

Gatti continues pushing the manager, causing one of his employees to snap and pin him to the ground, just moments before the police arrived.

“I am absolutely f*cked,” the 19-year-old student notes as he is being handcuffed.

Raw Story reports:

In 2014, Gatti was reportedly attending the University of Massachusetts when he was arrested while officers were trying to break up a party that was blocking a local street. A police report stated that Gatti shouted “f*ck you n****r” directly at one of the officers. Officers stated that Gatti was exhibiting “temper tantrum like behavior” before he was arrested for Disorderly Conduct.

Just two weeks later, Gatti was arrested again on the same street for assaulting an officer.

See the video below:

Photo credit: YouTube.

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