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Elizabeth Warren Would Make the Perfect Running Mate for Bernie Sanders

A recent opinion piece by the Huffington Post suggested that Sen. Elizabeth Warren would be the perfect running mate for Bernie Sanders.

Both Sanders and Warren are die hard progressives that champion liberal ideals and work hard to defend equality for the American population. They both hate Wall Street and corporate greed, work hard to push for worker’s rights, and they would compliment each other in a way that hasn’t been seen in many years.

The Huffington Post wrote:

Like Bernie Sanders, Warren wants to reinstate a Glass-Steagall Act and break up banks that control an inordinate amount of our nation’s wealth. These goals are part of altering the structural foundation of wealth inequality in America; one can’t begin to address the symptoms without addressing the root of the problem.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton is not in favor of reinstating a Glass-Steagall Act or breaking up “Too Big to Fail” banks. Also, POLITICO once referred to Clinton as “Wall Street Republicans’ dark secret,” so it’s fair to say that the former Secretary of State is the antitheses of Sanders and Warren on reforming Wall Street.

In addition, Elizabeth Warren, like Sanders, is capable of bringing energy and enthusiasm to voters longing for a person who will battle entrenched corporate interests in Washington.

Even before Bernie Sanders energized millions of voters, I wrote an article titled Elizabeth Warren, not Hillary Clinton, Should Be the Next President of The United States. I also wrote an article in The Hill titled Why Elizabeth Warren should be the next president and another piece titled Democrats Need Elizabeth Warren. Not only would Warren make a wonderful Vice President, but she’s infinitely more qualified than anyone on the GOP side for the presidency.

Voters want a president who will fight for them on a number of issues, especially the economy. When Ted Cruz and other Republicans are talking about the 1%, this topic has not only become mainstream, but also a key to winning the presidency in 2016. Both Democrats and Republicans are concerned about wealth inequality, it’s a major issue for most Americans, and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been at the forefront of this topic.

See the full story at the Huffington Post.

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