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‘You Can Kiss My Real Black Ass’: Larry Wilmore Destroys Rupert Murdoch Over Racist Tweet

Rupert Murdoch is drawing the ire of angry African-Americans throughout the United States.

Murdoch recently tweeted that Ben Carson was a great candidate and would make a “real black president.”

Larry Wilmore, host of the Nightly Show, shredded Murdoch for his racist comments.

“Let’s unpack this 140-character tweet from this nearly 140-year-old character,” Wilmore began. “I haven’t seen that much racism packed into a vehicle since Amistad came to America.”

“He blames one black man for not properly addressing the racial divide, and he does it by racially dividing him with another black man,” Wilmore said. “Well done, sir.”

The “Nightly Show” host explained the “one-drop” rule, which was used throughout much of American history to justify racist laws against “any person with even one ancestor of sub-Saharan-African ancestry.”

Wilmore said Murdoch considered a Carson a “real” black person because the conservative candidate was his “brand” of black person.

“If Carson becomes president,” Wilmore said, “Murdoch and his ilk will probably declare that racism is officially over, and the real black president will agree with them.”

He asked why whites always expected blacks to “heal the racial divide,” since racism was created by and benefits white people at the expense of black people.

“How do you think the racial divide started?” Wilmore said. “We didn’t enslave ourselves or come up with Jim Crow so we could live on the margins of society. Did you think lynching was a ‘prank’ we came up with that just got out of control? That’s what caused the racial divide, so why is it up to us to begin to heal it?”

“You had 43 presidents who had a chance to clean up that mess,” he continued. “Now there’s a brother in the White House and you’re handing him a mop? You can kiss my black ass. Now that’s ‘real black.’”

Photo credit: Comedy Central.

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