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Dems Selling ‘America Is Already Great’ Hat

The Democrats are striking back at Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Tapping into their sense of humor, the Democrats have produced a hat showcasing a new slogan, “American is Already Great.”

“America is already great, so we printed up this union-made hat right here in America, which is great,” the Democratic Party’s official store said in its product description for the hat.

“Wear it with pride when you’re telling your friends about 67 straight months of private-sector job growth under President Obama, historically low uninsured rates and progress protecting our environment that will keep America beautiful (and great) for generations to come,” the store’s summary added.

The Hill reports:

The Democratic Party’s official store is selling the hat as part of its “GOP debate party gear” collection.

Other items for sale include a “GOP Debate Bingo” game, T-shirts bearing President Obama’s face alongside the phrase “Like a boss” and pro-Democrat bumper stickers.

Trump has frequently made campaign appearances wearing a bright red baseball cap bearing his “Make America Great Again” motto. He has repeatedly vowed he is personally reversing the nation’s fortunes since launching his presidential campaign last June.

Photo credit: Democratic Party.

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