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Trump: Clinton ‘Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Run’

Donald Trump is scrambling to take on Hillary Clinton. In his latest attack, he suggested that the Democratic candidate shouldn’t be allowed to run for president due to the email scandal.

“I mean, honestly, she shouldn’t be allowed to run,” Trump told supporters at a campaign rally in Georgia on Saturday. “No, she shouldn’t be.”

“I can tell you this, if that were a Republican that did what she did with the emails, they would have been in jail 12 months ago,” the businessman said. “They would have been in jail. It’s a very unfair system. It is a very, very unfair system. But I’m telling you, if that were a Republican, it’s called jail time.”

The Hill reports:

Clinton maintains that she never knowingly sent classified information over the server and has not broken the law.

The former first lady said she turned over all of her work-related emails to the State Department last month. The agency is currently going through the server and releasing emails to the public in batches.

Trump, addressing a group of African-American pastors, was introduced by 2012 Republican primary candidate Herman Cain.

Trump called Cain “Mr. 9-9-9,” referring to the businessman’s tax reform plan.

“When he said 9-9-9, I said, ‘What the hell is that?’” Trump said. “But he had a good thing.”

Cain told CNN that he’s advising Trump “to stick to substance.”

“I think he’s doing great,” Cain added. “But you have a lot of people waiting for him to go into free fall.”

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