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Carson: I Won’t Be Silenced

Ben Carson is firing back at the media after he was heavily scrutinized in recent weeks for making outrageous comments about gun control, religion, and the Holocaust.

“I want people to see me as an honest person, a person who is actually willing to express what they believe” Carson said. “The way I look at it, if people don’t like that, I’d rather not be in office. I don’t want to be in office under false pretenses, just saying things people want to hear so I can get elected.”

The Hill reports:

Earlier in the cycle, after drawing controversial headlines for remarks about gay marriage and ObamaCare, Carson said he would do his best to remain steady and disciplined, believing that the media frenzy surrounding some of his statements was distracting from his overall message.

Now, the ferocity of Carson’s message is the point.

“He’s been unleashed and he’s found the fire in his belly and he’s not backing down,” said Armstrong Williams, Carson’s longtime business partner and confidant. “Over the last two weeks, you’re seeing a candidate evolve into his own comfort level, his own brand of leadership. … This kind of leadership is not always popular with everyone.”

Carson’s recent run of straight talk began last month on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Anchor Chuck Todd had been asking all of the Republican presidential candidates whether they’d be comfortable with a Muslim president, but only Carson made news, saying that a Muslim should not be commander in chief.

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