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Obama: Trump Won’t Be President

President Obama appeared on CBS News’ 60 Minutes on Sunday, where he discussed various issues and even Donald Trump.

When asked about Trump’s viability as a candidate, Obama suggested that the candidate wouldn’t be elected as president.

“I think that he is tapped into something that exists in the Republican Party that’s real,” the president said in the interview that aired Sunday. “He knows how to get attention.

“I don’t think he’ll end up being president of the United States,” he said.

Trump fired back at the president, accusing him of focusing on unimportant issues.

The Hill reports:

Trump said it’s not surprising that Obama would dismiss his chances of winning the White House.

“I watched him last night, I mean, he can’t say, ‘I think he’s going to make it,’ in all fairness to him. He can’t say, ‘What do you think of Donald Trump? Oh well, I think he’s going to be the next president,’” Trump said.

“I thought it was a little bit sad, because there was so much negativity.”

Trump has remained at the top of the polls, even as his comments on illegal immigration and women have sparked controversy.

A new CBS News poll says Trump is supported by 27 percent of GOP primary voters, ahead of retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 21 percent.

Obama has escalated his attacks on the GOP presidential field over the past month as the 2016 race has gone into full swing.

Without naming Trump, Obama accused Republican White House hopefuls of “fanning the flames of intolerance” during a speech to Latino activists in Washington last week.

“Leadership is not fanning the flames of intolerance, and then acting all surprised when a fire breaks out,” the president said. “Saying clearly inflammatory things and then saying, ‘Well, that’s not what I meant’ —until you do it again, and again, and again.”

Last month, Obama took a swipe at Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

“There is nothing particularly patriotic or American about talking down America,” Obama said at a meeting of the Business Roundtable in Washington.

“America is great right now,” he told a group of business leaders. “America is winning right now.”

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