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Pharrell: It’s ‘Hillary time’ in 2016

Singer and producer Pharrell Williams has announced his endorsement for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I just feel like it is Hillary time,” the “Happy” performer said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “It’s time for a woman to be in there.”

“Women think about things in a holistic way,” Williams said. “It’s not so individual.”

“[It is] not that I don’t love our current president,” he added of President Obama. “If we had someone looking after our country as a whole, I just feel like it would be different.”

However, Williams was quick to add that he supports Clinton because of her “serious tone.”

“People feel like we need a president who we can play Scrabble or Celebrity with,” he said. “That’s not who’s going to solve our problems.”

“When things get done, it is by someone who is being serious about it,” Williams added. “There are some serious things out there right now.”

The Hill reports:

Williams also weighed in on the state of the nation heading into the 2016 presidential election.

“One of the greatest things is that this is the land of opportunity,” he said of the U.S. “It’s a wonderful thing.”

“One of the things we could work on is that we’re so easily sensationalized,” Williams added of Americans.

Williams’s endorsement comes as Clinton prepares for the first televised Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday evening in Las Vegas. The Democratic presidential front-runner will face off against four other contenders in the event, which will air live on CNN.

Photo credit: NY Daily News.

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