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Biden ‘Proud’ of Dems in Debate

Vice President Biden said he was “proud” of the Democrats performance in Tuesday night’s debate.

“I thought every one of those folks did well, thanks,” Biden told reporters after a speech on infrastructure investment at the White House complex.

According to political pundits, Hillary Clinton’s strong performance may have limited Biden’s chances to enter the race.

The Hill reports:

Calls for the vice president to enter the race grew as Clinton struggled to contain the controversy surrounding her use of a private email server as secretary of State. Clinton also saw her lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) narrow, with the liberal taking the lead in polls of New Hampshire.

On Tuesday night, Clinton had a memorable moment with Sanders when the Vermont senator defended her on the email issue. The two smiled and shook hands after Sanders said people were “tired of hearing about your damn emails.”

At the White House, Obama spokesman Josh Earnest praised the Democratic candidates for “vowing to build on the important progress that has been made over the last seven years.”

“I watched the debate last night and the thing that I was stuck by after having watched the previous two Republican debates is that it was a keen reminder you can run a presidential campaign on things other than appealing to people’s fears and anxieties about the future,” he said.

Earnest said Biden’s decision on whether to run for president will be based on personal considerations, and not the debate performance of his potential rivals.

“The dynamic for his decision hasn’t changed,” he said.

Photo credit: Slate.

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