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Bill Clinton: Hillary ‘Knocked It out of the Park’ in Debate

Like a good husband, former President Bill Clinton cheered on his wife, crediting her with a great performance in Tuesday night’s debate.

“Last night, Hillary knocked it out of the park,” he said in an email to supporters titled: “Wow wow wow.

“She didn’t just talk about big ideas — she laid out plans to get them done,” Bill Clinton said. “That’s what Hillary does when she sees a problem to fix: She gets people together, takes on the tough fights and finds her way to the solution.”

“Hillary has big plans for our future,” he said. “She imagines a country where women are paid the same as men, where families can stay together without fear of being separated, where healthcare and college degrees are affordable and guns are harder to put your hands on.

“She’s driven forward by her passion for those ideas,” he added. “So let’s get to it. Let’s do the hard work together, and elect a president who will fight for you and with you.”

The Hill reports:

The email asked for contributions as low as $1.

Hillary Clinton clashed with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), former Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) and former Govs. Martin O’Malley (D-Md.) and Lincoln Chaffee (D-R.I.) during Tuesday night’s contest.

Her husband remained on the sidelines, watching the contest from his hotel room in Vegas.

“What happens in Vegas…is I watch @HillaryClinton prove she’s the most qualified candidate for POTUS,” Bill Clinton tweeted during the debate, adding the hashtag #ImWithHer.

“I’m proud of @HillaryClinton,” he added. “Tonight, she showed why she should be president.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign reported late last month that it had raised more than $28 million for the third quarter.

Her 2016 coffers now boast $75 million overall, aides say, placing her well on the road toward her goal of $100 million in Democratic primary money next year.

Photo credit: US Herald.

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