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Michael Moore: Sanders Won the Dem Debate

Critically acclaimed director Michael Moore believes Sen. Bernie Sanders won Tuesday night’s Democratic debate.

Taking to Twitter, Moore voiced his opinion in a series of tweets.

He also took a few shots at Hillary Clinton.

See the full story at The Hill.

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  • Stry Clark

    Yes he’s right, of course Bernie Sanders won but the media narrow minded political antics want to tell us who we want to vote for by giving her all types of coverage for no damn reason other than she is for big business and advertising dollars Bernie leads the polls they say she does it’s all propaganda.. Republicans and Democrats alike. Let this be the first Independent to take us further out of the mess the later Clinton and all the bush years put us in and that Obama needs four more years to clean up. sick of both parties both are corrupt.. let’s try something different for once. #FeelTheBern