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Eric Trump: My Dad ‘Is a Man That Does Not Lose’

Donald Trump is a loudmouth, no one will deny that. His son, Eric Trump, is coming to the defense of his father and his commitment to winning at all costs.

“He is a man that does not lose,” Eric Trump told host Greta Van Susteren on Fox News’ “On the Record.”

“If he didn’t want this he wouldn’t be doing it,” he said. “There is no question in my mind.

“Politics is a grueling process,” he added. “[But] everything he’s ever touched has turned to gold.”

The Hill reports:

Eric Trump said his father’s passion has propelled him into the lead in the race for next year’s Republican presidential nomination and predicted it would lead him to triumph over Democrats as well.

“I know a lot of people had a tough time getting through the debate last night,” he said of the first Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas.

“When he speaks, he speaks as a person. You can kind of see his emotion come through.”

“I didn’t see that same flair last night or any of the same energy from any of the [Democratic] candidates.”

The younger Trump also said he makes no apologies for his father’s strong opinions on the campaign trail.

“He does punch back very hard. It’s one of the things I admire most about him.

“I think that’s one of the things that’s attracting people to him. They’re sick of the [political correctness], they’re sick of the nonsense.”

While some have questioned whether Trump has the qualifications to be commander in chief, Eric Trump said his father’s business background would be an enormous asset as president.

“I sit across the table from him every day and there’s no one better,” said Eric Trump, who is executive vice president for development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization.

“He’s incredibly quick, he’s incredibly practical, he likes to keep things simple, get things done,” he added. “He can cut through the red tape. I have the utmost respect for him.”

See the video below:

Photo credit: NBC Miami.

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