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‘Family Guy’ Creator: Sanders Won the Debate

The creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, provided a welcoming introduction to a Bernie Sanders campaign rally in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

MacFarlane praised Sanders for providing the correct answer when asked who the United States greatest threat was.

“The other candidates gave answers like the crisis in the Middle East, nuclear Iran, ISIS, cyber warfare, offensive tweets — all legitimate threats to be sure,” MacFarlane said. “But Sen. Sanders was the only person on that stage who gave the correct answer: climate change.”

The Hill reports:

The Emmy Award-winning television series-creator also touted Sanders’s stance on income inequality as a point in the Democratic socialist’s favor.

“But doesn’t it seem that things have swung so far in one direction, with the top one percent of the country controlling more wealth than the other 99 percent combined, that just a little bit of democratic socialism maybe is not the worst idea?” he asked.

MacFarlane said Republicans have tricked the American public into believing that “socialism is a bad word,” but said Sanders’ surging presidential campaign has made the term acceptable again.

“For me, this man has removed my trepidation over saying aloud that capitalism and democratic socialism, that not-so-scary word, can and should coexist,” MacFarlane said. “The public and private sector — it’s really not that new an idea.”

“There’s a word for the man who can do that. The word is ‘leader.’”

MacFarlane previously campaigned for then-Sen. Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential bid.

See the video below:

Photo credit: NBC News.

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