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Snowden Hits Back at Clinton

Famed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has struck back against Hillary Clinton after the Democratic presidential candidate claimed he would have been protected by the whistleblower protection laws.

“Sad to see Hillary repeat a false claim despite fact check. She could develop a reputation,” he tweeted on Friday.

During a rally in New Hampshire in Friday, Clinton defended the law and criticized Snowden for fleeing.

“I firmly believe that he could have gone public and released the information about the collection of information on Americans under whistleblower protection, and he could have done it within the tradition in our country that shields people who come forth acting out of conscience to present information they believe the public should have,” Clinton said.

The Hill reports:

The former secretary of State, who resigned from her position just months before Snowden stole and made public classified data on the U.S. government’s espionage practices, questioned the NSA contractor’s motives after he immediately fled to China and Russia after the 2013 leak.

Photo credit: Common Dreams.

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