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Bush Fundraising off of Trump’s 9/11 Comments

Jeb Bush has taken the opportunity to raise additional campaign donations following Donald Trump’s comments that George W. Bush let 9/11 happen on his watch.

Jeb adamantly denied the claim, coming to the defense of his brother.

“If you believe as I do that my brother kept this country safe and strong after those horrific attacks, then I need you to donate $5 and fight back against Donald Trump,” Bush’s campaign said in an email to supporters with a subject line reading, “Help defend my brother.”

The Hill reports:

Trump has targeted George W. Bush in a major line of attack, recently highlighting 9/11 terrorist attacks, which occurred during Bush’s presidency.

“By Donald Trump’s logic, President Roosevelt should be blamed for Pearl Harbor or President Reagan for the terrorist attacks on our Marines in Beirut,” Bush said in the email.

“After 9/11, my brother rallied the nation, calmed our fears and kept us safe,” he added.

Photo credit: The Wrap.

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