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Cruz: Trump Has Been ‘Immensely Beneficial for Our Campaign’

Ted Cruz doesn’t dislike Donald Trump. Instead, he believes he’s been useful for the Republican Party, helping legitimize other candidates.

“I’m very encouraged where we are right now because I think what we’re seeing happening every day is conservatives coalescing behind our campaign,” Cruz said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And, you know, one of the reasons I’m very optimistic is … look at the impact of Donald Trump.”

“Others have gone out of their way to smack him. I haven’t,” Cruz said. “I think Donald’s campaign has been immensely beneficial for our campaign.”

Cruz said Trump has “framed the central issue” of the Republican primary as “who will stand up for Washington?”

“The natural follow up if that’s the question is who actually has stood up to Washington?” he added. “Who has stood up to both Democrats and to leaders in their own party?”

The Hill reports:

Cruz said his record is “markedly different” from other candidates in terms of “taking on the Washington cartel.”

“I think that’s why we’re seeing, particularly as voters get more and more educated, study the candidates, listen to the candidates in person, I think that’s why we’re seeing the grass roots momentum that we’re seeing is conservatives are coalescing behind our campaign.”

Trump is the current GOP front-runner, with 23.6 percent support nationally, according to a RealClearPolitics average of polls. Cruz is in sixth place with 7.6 percent.

Photo credit: KUT.org.

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