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Republican ‘Family Values’ Hypocrite Caught Begging A Prostitute To Abort His Baby

Pro-life and “family values” Republican David Vitter, a current Louisiana senator and candidate for governor, is mired in controversy after a former escort revealed that he got her pregnant and begged her to have an abortion.

The escort, Wendy Ellis, originally engaged in the affair with Vitter in the 1990s. Now dying of lupus, she wanted the world to hear the story.

She sat down for an interview with journalist Jason Berry to tell it all.

“He asked you to have an abortion?” asked Berry.

“Absolutely. But you can sit there and walk across the grassy knoll holding your wife and your children’s hands and screaming “family values,” but you want me to go abort my baby,” responded Ellis.

“And you didn’t do that because you have religious beliefs regarding abortion or was it personal beliefs,” he asked.

“It was personal beliefs. I believe that if I’m woman enough to lay down and spread my legs, I’m woman enough to make the right decision. The child didn’t asked to be brought into this world. You know, I don’t believe in that whatsoever. That’s just disgusting to me,” she responded.

Occupy Democrats reports:

Apparently Vitter, who has made his career touting his moral superiority and Christian values, is not man enough to own up to his actions or stand by his principles when it comes to his political credibility. His opponent slammed him for the allegations, saying that Vitter tries to be “the paragon of conservative Christian values to hear him … and nothing could be further from the truth.”

It just goes to show how hollow the right-wing’s appeals to moral purity truly are. How many pro-life and “family values” hypocrites have been exposed for their personal transgressions? While one should not judge the personal decisions that grown adults make in their lives, the fact that these men have made their careers on disparaging women and homosexuals for their “sinful ways” and are just as guilty goes to show what little relevance their ideas have in modern American society.

See the full interview below:

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