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Virginia Residents Are Refusing To Turn In Their Now Illegal Confederate Flag Plates

Residents of Virginia are fighting hard to hold onto their tradition of racism. The state outlawed Confederate flag memorabilia, including license plates depicting the Confederacy.

Virginia residents are refusing to remove their Confederate license plates, claiming that the government is only interested in stripping away their rights and freedoms.

“Next thing you know, they’re going to say you can’t wear blue on Monday … or you can’t wear yellow on Thursday,” Collier said, according to WAVY. “Where’s it going to end?”

Opposing Views reports:

Letters were sent to 1,600 people who have Confederate flag plates from the Sons of Confederate Veterans group—and only 187 have returned the old plates.

Some people sent a note back to the DMV, writing “no thank you.”

Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe instituted the ban on plates featuring the Confederate flag after Charleston, South Carolina, church shooter Dylann Roof was found to be featured in a picture posing with the flag.

It is now a misdemeanor to drive with Confederate flag plates in the state.

Collier did not adhere to the deadline of Oct. 4 to return his plates, and does not plan to because his great-great-great grandfather fought with the Confederacy.

“I can’t fight on the battlefield like they did, but I can fight however I can in modern times and I’m not giving them plates up,” Collier said.

Maryland recently joined Virginia and Texas in no longer allowing the Confederate flag on license plates.

”I look forward to the day when these plates are no longer on the road,” Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said after the court decision, according to NPR. ”This flag is a painful symbol that divides us, conjuring images of hate and subjugation. It has no place in any contemporary government use.”

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