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Trump Predicts Hispanic Anger Will Drive ‘SNL’ Appearance to Record Ratings

Donald Trump is loving every second that the spotlight is on him. Next month, he will host Saturday Night Live, prompting outrage from the Latino community.

“I know these groups,” he told host Alisyn Camerota on CNN’s “New Day.” “I get hit with this stuff all the time.

“A lot of people are scammers,” he said of such organizations. “They sit at home and tap things out on their iPads when they’re home in bed.

“They go around and look for money from people,” Trump added. “They only care about themselves.”

The Hill reports:

Multiple groups criticized NBC’s announcement last week that Trump is hosting an upcoming episode of “Saturday Night Live” next month.

“I think they’ll only drive the ratings up higher,” he said of the furor surrounding his “SNL” gig.

The New York business mogul then charged that he is resonating with voters from every demographic, including the Latino community.

“I have fantastic respect for Hispanics,” Trump insisted. “I actually think I will win the Hispanics.

“I have great respect for Mexico, but they’re taking advantage of us,” he clarified. “Ford is moving their factory to Mexico, Nabisco is moving their factory to Mexico.”

Trump has sharply criticized illegal immigration and Mexico since launching his 2016 Oval Office bid last June.

Groups like the National Council of La Raza have since repeatedly attacked his rhetoric as offensive and bigoted toward Hispanics.

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