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Pitbull: Trump Had No Idea ‘What He Was Saying’ About Latinos

Rapper Pitbull has come to the defense of Latinos, claiming that Donald Trump has no idea what he’s talking about when he criticizes them.

“I just think that when [Trump] said what he said, he didn’t understand what he was saying and who he was speaking to,” Pitbull tells CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera in a preview clip released ahead of the network’s “Pitbull: Fame & Fortune” special, which premieres Thursday.

The Hill reports:

The clip didn’t include which Trump remarks Caruso-Cabrera was referring to in her question and a CNBC spokeswoman couldn’t immediately provide an extended version, but the GOP front-runner raised eyebrows during his June presidential campaign announcement when he said Mexico is “sending people who have a lot of problems.”
“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” Trump said at the time.

The Miami-born “Fireball” rapper (also known as Armando Perez) says of the real estate mogul: “I had to stand up and let him know, hey, I’m first generation Cuban-American. I know what it took my family to get here and it was very offensive and disrespectful to our culture.”

The entertainer, who has more than 21 million Twitter followers, says he’s in talks with the current crop of White House hopefuls, but isn’t throwing his support behind a particular candidate at this point.

“They like to hang out and talk. And I like to hang out and talk. I like to learn. I like to hear what they got going on and what they’re thinking,” Pitbull says.

“But being Cuban-American, and everything my family’s been through, I mean we’ve always been politically tied to something.”

The Latin Grammy winner, 34, adds, “Being Cuban American, I’m already born politically incorrect.”

Pitbull says of the candidates, “When they want to talk, when they want to speak, I’m open. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to get on the stage and say, ‘Hey vote for this person, vote for that person.’”

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