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Hillary Scolds Benghazi Committee, Informs Them the Secretary of State Does More Than Just Email

Hillary Clinton was forced to endure the Benghazi Commission on Thursday. She performed well, but was grilled over and over in a blatant partisan attack.

Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R), questioned Clinton’s ability to lead and wondered why she failed to keep in close contact with the U.S. embassy in Libya.

“There was a lot of communication… from your senior staff from the State Department, to you or from you or from you in 2011,’ Brooks said, patting a pile of printed-out messages. “But then, when we go to 2012, Libya, Benghazi, Chris Stevens, the staff there, they seem to fall off your radar in 2012 and the situation’s getting much worse in 2012… In your records that we have reviewed, there is not one email to you or from you in 2012 when an explosive device went off at our compound in April. There’s not a single email in your records about that explosive device.”

“What kind of culture was created in the State Department that your folks couldn’t tell you in an email about a bomb in April of 2012?” she added.

“I conducted it in meetings, I read massive amounts of memos, a great deal of classified information, I made a lot of secure phone calls, I was in and out of the White House all the time,” Clinton said. “There were a lot of things that happened that I was aware of and that I was reacting to.”

“I did not do the vast majority of my work on email,” she said. “Most of my work was not done on emails with my closest aides, with officials in the State Department and officials in the rest of the government as well as the White House, and people around the world.”

Watch the video below:

Photo credit: Here and Now.

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