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Trump Distances Himself From Nine Super-PACs

Donald Trump may be a billionaire, but he hasn’t been able to stick to his promise that he would personally finance his entire campaign.

In recent weeks, Trump has raised $3.8 million from individuals. In order to save face, Trump has decided to distance himself from nine super-PACs.

The Hill reports:

The statement adds that he sent a letter to the groups calling on them to stop fundraising and return all donations out of potential “confusion” that Trump had blessed the groups.

The Post reported this week that Trump’s campaign paid two groups with ties to the head of one of the pro-Trump super-PACs and that the super-PAC solicited donations with contact information it received from Trump’s personal office.

Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, told the paper repeatedly that Trump had not blessed the group and denied accusations that Trump had weighed blessing one before he became an official candidate.

The release refers to super-PAC money as “dark money,” a term typically used in the campaign finance world to refer to undisclosed money. Super-PACs disclose their donors once every six months.

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