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Trump: I’m Not Going to Offer Any 14-Point Plans

Donald Trump doesn’t need a 14-point plan. No, he desires “flexibility” and the ability to do what he wants when required, should he become president.

“It does seem that on a lot of issues, Mr. Trump, you’re asking people to say, believe me that I can accomplish these things and fix them because I’m Donald Trump,” Matt Lauer commented on NBC’s “Today” during a town hall event at an Atkinson, New Hampshire, country club.

“You know what? I am asking for that,” Trump said. “But I’m also saying, I’m very specific. Let me tell you about specifics.”

Politico reports:

Politicians and the media, he added, “all want a 14-point plan, bing-bing-bing-bing, but it doesn’t work that way.”

“Because Point 2 gets loused up, and now you have to go to a different Point 2, and you can’t, you know, they think it’s so simple, you just go 14. You have to have great flexibility in deal making,” he added.

The issue of Trump’s specificity came up multiple times during the televised event, first during a question about his proposals on immigration from an undecided voter.
“It’s called management. You understand maybe perhaps better than that,” Trump told Lauer. “It’s called, we have a country and they’re here illegally. And some are excellent people, they’re great people. They’re going out, they’re going to come back in legally. They’re going to come, and we’re going to expedite it. … And the bad ones are never coming back again.”

Addressing his comments that he would renegotiate trade deals with countries like Mexico, Trump said he would bring jobs and manufacturing back to the United States.

“But how?” a St. Anselm College student identified as Brian Pickowicz asked. “You can’t say how.”

“We have to renegotiate the trade deals,” Trump responded.

“We are going to bring deals back, we’re going to bring jobs back. I could give you a 14-point plan that would look so beautiful, and you’d be happy,” Trump went on to say. “But you know what? It doesn’t mean anything, because–”

As Trump began to explain, Lauer cut off the candidate for a commercial break as the show neared the end of the hour.

“You understand,” Trump said, pointing to the student. “Thank you.”

Photo credit: All Today.


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