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Bush Stokes International Ire with ‘French Work Week’ Comment

Jeb Bush can’t catch a break this election.

Desperate to save his numbers in the polls and to impress his father and big brother, Bush said he was going all in during the debate.

After a poor performance, which saw him speak the least of all the Republican candidates, Bush made a comment about Sen. Marco Rubio being lazy and working a “French workweek.”

Following the debate, Bush was heavily criticized for his politically incorrect comment.

White House Press Secretary John Earnest spoke on Thursday, apologizing to a French journalist for the comment.

“I hope you didn’t take that personally, Laura. I can vouch for the fact that you certainly work more than most members of Congress,” Earnest said to laughter in the briefing room.

The French ambassador to the U.S., Gerard Araud slammed Bush as well.

“A French work week of 3 days? No but a pregnancy paid leave of 16 weeks yes! And proud of it,” he wrote. Later, he tweeted labor and productivity statistics to prove his point.

He also took to Twitter to defend his country.

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