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John Oliver: We Never Invited Trump on Our Show

The John Oliver and Donald Trump drama is reaching its peak. Trump claimed that he rejected Oliver’s invitation to appear on his show.

Now, Oliver is clarifying the situation, saying that he never invited Trump at all.

“Yes, we have a boring show,” read a post on the show’s official Facebook page Sunday afternoon. “[But] at no point did we invite Donald Trump to appear on it.”

The Hill reports:

Oliver attracted Trump’s ire by expressing his utter disinterest in interviewing the Republican White House hopeful last week.

“I don’t really care about him in any capacity,” he said Oct. 30 on “CBS This Morning.” “I don’t really have anything to say to him.

“He’s said everything he has to say,” Oliver said of Trump. “He has no internal monologue, that man.

“He’s an open book,” the comic added. “That book doesn’t have that many interesting words in it. It’s not like you’re going to find the secret nugget he has been holding back.”

Oliver, who is British, also criticized the state of America’s presidential election process.

“It is very frustrating to me, the amount of coverage before the election,” he said. “[It is] literally years in advance.”

Trump has proven a rating boon for both news networks and talk shows since launching his 2016 campaign last June.

He is next scheduled as the host of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” during its Nov. 7 episode.

Photo credit: The Wrap.

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