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Republicans Blast Obama’s Syria Policy

Partisan politics are the cornerstone of the current American political system. Republicans usually jump at the opportunity to use the U.S. military, unless of course, President Obama is the one issuing the commands.

After committing additional troops to the Middle East, Republicans have started to criticize Obama for his decision.

Ben Carson was the nicest of all the Republicans, claiming that Obama’s Syria plan was a “move in the right direction,” but he made it clear that is still neglected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s presence in the region.

“My much, much, much bigger plan involves Putin and Iran also,” Carson said on ABC’s “This Week.” “Those are the forces that are propping up the Assad regime, even though Putin came in there and said he was going to fight ISIS, he’s really fighting the anti-Assad forces.”

Carly Fiorina believes that Obama’s plan was put into action too slowly.

“I think this is a reflection of the reality that when America does not act, when we do not lead, as we have not in the last three years under this president, our options become very constrained, and the situation becomes more dangerous,” she said.

“I’m glad he did this, but we still do not have a strategy in Syria, we still do not have a strategy to deal with ISIS,” Fiorina added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham accused Obama of making the U.S. appear weak by committing a measly 50 troops.

“Sending 50 American Special Forces into Syria in the eyes of ISIL shows that Obama is not all-in, it is a sign of weakness to ISIL,” Graham said.

He also called Secretary of State John Kerry “a completely delusional man” for continuing to take the Russians and Iranians at their word.

“I see Russia and Iran mopping the floor with Obama and Kerry,” Graham said.

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