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Trump: DNC Chairwoman ‘Crazy,’ ‘Neurotic Woman’

Donald Trump’s latest target is the charwoman of the Democratic National Committee. He called Debbie Wasserman Schultz a “highly neurotic woman” during a discussion with Breitbart News on Sirius XM radio.

“This is a woman that is a terrible person,” Trump said of Wasserman Schultz after calling her “crazy” and a “highly neurotic woman.”

Wasserman Schultz felt it was necessary to defend herself.

“The Republican front-runner’s misogynistic attacks are sadly representative of the GOP’s outdated approach to women and the issues that affect them and their families,” DNC spokeswoman Kaylie Hanson said. “Whether it’s trying to get between them and their doctor, opposing equal pay for equal work, or using offensive language, the Republican Party is wrong for women.”

CNN reports:

Trump also suggested that Wasserman Schultz, who has faced criticism from some Democrats for limiting the number of presidential debates, is trying to help the candidacy of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“In all fairness she negotiated a great deal for Hillary (Clinton) because they gave Hillary all softballs,” Trump said, speaking of the questions Clinton received in the first Democratic debate.

Critics have accused Wasserman Schultz of limiting the number of debates to give Clinton, the Democrats’ likely nominee, an edge over her competitors, a claim Wasserman Schultz has vehemently denied.

Republicans, meanwhile, are looking for their own ways to shake up the debate process after a highly-criticized CNBC debate that candidates said was chaotic and biased.

Trump again on Monday slammed CNBC moderator John Harwood as a “sleaze” for his questions, including asking Trump whether his campaign was a “comic book version of a presidential campaign.”

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