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Trump: Rubio ‘Overrated,’ Less Attractive Than Me

Donald Trump seems to exist in a perpetual state of conflict against the other Republican candidates. This time, he is firing shots at Marco Rubio, suggesting that he is “overrated” and “less attractive” than him.

“I think he’s highly overrated. I think he’s an overrated person. I don’t think he’s going to make it,” Trump said during an interview with Bloomberg published Monday.

“I mean, he’s nowhere in the polls. I don’t think, personally, he’s going to make it,” Trump said, mentioning Rubio’s 2013 push for immigration reform in the Senate.

The Hill reports:

Rubio has seen a surge in his numbers since last week, including a New Hampshire survey on Monday that found his support more than tripling in the nation’s first primary state.

Trump suggested Rubio was driven directly by the polls, and echoed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s attack line from the debate, dinging Rubio for missing Senate votes.

“Maybe I’m the last person to say this [but] relax, take it easy,” Trump said of the freshman senator running for president, something Rubio pushed back on in the much-derided CNBC event.

“I think he’s a lightweight. I hope I’m wrong about that,” Trump said.

Trump and Rubio traded some barbs heading into the third GOP presidential debate last week in Colorado. Rubio has since seen his numbers rise in New Hampshire.

Trump mentioned a commentator on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” earlier in the day who he said was “fawning” over Rubio’s appearance.

“I don’t know. I think I’m better looking than he is,” Trump said, referring to Rubio, before conceding, “He’s probably a nice person.”

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