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Anderson Cooper Drops a Hammer on Donald Trump After Being Accused of Going Easy on Hillary Clinton

CNN’s Anderson Cooper dismissed Republican claims that the Democratic debate was soft and didn’t ask tough questions.

Previously, Donald Trump suggested that Cooper only asked softball questions.

“Hillary Clinton was given all softballs,” Trump said. “I mean, she wasn’t asked one tough question.”

Cooper, turning to hard facts, noted that Hillary Clinton was asked several difficult questions.

“Not one tough question, he said,” the anchor repeated. “Now, keeping him honest, he’s actually right. We didn’t ask Hillary Clinton one tough question. We actually asked her a lot more than that. Here are a few examples.”

Coopers Questions:

  • “You were against same-sex marriage, now you’re for it. You defended President Obama’s immigration policies, now you say they’re too harsh. You supported his trade deal dozens of times, you even called it ‘the gold standard,’ now suddenly last week you’re against it. Will you say anything to get elected?”
  • “You are going to be testifying before Congress next week about your emails. For the last eight months, you haven’t been able to put this issue behind you. You dismissed it. You joked about it. You called it a mistake. What does that say about your ability to handle far more challenging crises as president?”
  • “In all candor, you and your husband are part of the 1%. How can you credibly represent the views of the middle class?”
  • “You spearheaded the ‘reset’ with Russia. Did you underestimate the Russians? And as president, what would your response to Vladimir Putin be right now in Syria?”
  • “What would you do for African-Americans in this country that President Obama couldn’t?”
  • “Do you change your political identity based on who you’re talking to?”

Business Insider reports:

To be fair, Trump clarified what he meant during a contentious Wednesday morning interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Trump said he was simply comparing the Democrats’ CNN debate with last week’s CNBC Republican debate.

At the CNBC event, which was widely criticized by the Republican field, Trump’s first question was about whether he was running a ridiculous “comic book” presidential campaign. A moderator said in a follow-up that Trump would have a better chance at “flying away from that podium by flapping your arms” than balancing the deficit with his tax plan.

“I thought Anderson Cooper did a great job,” Trump told Cuomo. “But they weren’t tough like [ours]. And ours weren’t even questions. They were statements given over by the moderators.”

Photo credit: Hollywood Reporter.

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