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Trump Targets CNN in Latest Attack

A new day, a new target for Donald Trump. In his latest rant, Trump targeted CNN.

“Sara Murray didn’t report it very well because she never flips the camera to show the lines. I think she’s absolutely terrible, your reporter,” Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

“Either she’s a very unemotional person or she’s not a very good reporter,” Trump continued, adding later, “Maybe she’s a low-key individual and doesn’t believe in showing the crowds.”

The Hill reports:

Cuomo pushed back, forcing the real estate magnate to call him “a top-notch” host. The pair sparred later in the phone interview over CNN’s coverage of Trump’s event.

“Excuse me, it stretched all the way down to Madison Avenue from the door!” Trump interjected, referring to the crowd.

He returned to suggesting the CNN reporter who covered his book signing reported inaccurately.

“I don’t know if that’s because she is incompetent, or she doesn’t like me or maybe she’s given instructions from up above. Who knows? I don’t really care,” Trump said.

“Oh please. Listen, you know she’s not getting instructions,” Cuomo said.

“I’m sure, CNN is very straight, I’m sure,” Trump said.

The billionaire-turned-GOP-candidate has picked fights with the network before, in addition to high-profile feuds with personalities from Fox News and Univision.

Explaining why he insults his opponents, Trump said Wednesday, “I want to win. I have 90 days left.”

Photo credit: All Today.


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