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Rubio Hits Back Against Trump on Finances

Sen. Marco Rubio is no stranger to defending himself. He dismantled Jeb Bush during the GOP debate and now he is firing back at Donald Trump.

“I find it ironic that the only person running for president that’s ever declared a bankruptcy, four times in the last 25 years, is attacking anyone on finances,” Rubio (R-Fla.) said Thursday in New Hampshire, according to video from ABC News.

The Hill reports:

It’s Rubio’s most direct barb at the GOP primary front-runner, who has taken a number of shots at his financial record over the past few weeks. Trump businesses have filed for bankruptcy on four separate occasions; the billionaire businessman has repeatedly defended that record and noted he never filed for personal bankruptcy.
Trump started the feud with a rash of critiques of both Rubio’s personal spending and his spending while in the Florida legislature, criticism pegged to Rubio’s recent rise at the polls.

“He is a disaster with his credit cards,” Trump said Tuesday during a press conference about his new book.

“He has a very bad record of finances, with his houses, he certainly lives above his means, there is no question about that.”

Rubio has been criticized for facing foreclosure and dipping into a personal retirement account early, but also for his use of a state party charge card while he served as the state House Speaker.

The Tampa Bay Times noted that Rubio used the charge card for personal expenses and sent about $16,000 as reimbursement for personal expenses. But the paper also noted that two years of the account history has not yet been released; a Rubio strategist told the paper those records will be released soon.

Photo credit: Business Insider.

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